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You’ve dreamed of opening your own trampoline park business. Now it’s time to make it a reality! 

Below you will find the step-by-step process to start a trampoline park, all the way through to trampoline park installation and more. But don’t worry! We will be here to help you through the entire process.


STEP 1: Make a business plan


It's good to have a clear business plan before you start your business.Think about how you will run your business, your trampoline market, competition, marketing strategy and target customers, etc.This will help you in the long run, and it's a necessary step if you need to get financing to open a trampoline park.Even if you are self-funding, a business plan must ensure that you have done the necessary research to determine whether there is enough market to sustain your business and ensure profitability.

STEP 2: Obtain Financing


If you plan to get bank financing for all or part of your trampoline park, you should start this process as early as possible.As you will see in this step-by-step guide later, the payment interval will require a percentage of the total cost to be paid before the production and installation phases are completed.You will want to know that you have received funding early in the process before the build and installation begins.This can sometimes be a lengthy process, and you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation, including your business plan as mentioned above.Consult with your small business lender to determine what documentation and financing needs you need.If bank financing is not an option, you can also explore the possibility of forming partnerships or finding potential investors in your business.Investors may demand that a portion of your profits exceed the loan interest rate, so you need to carefully consider your options.Indoor trampoline park builder xiyang Yang has a wealth of experience and can build exciting trampoline parks to meet any budget.We helped create a very successful trampoline company that cost less than $200ks.


STEP 3: Find the Right Trampoline Park Builder


XIYANGYANG  is not a franchise. We are a wholly-owned, Chinese trampoline park builder. Once we hand over the keys, so to speak, your business is yours to run as you see fit. We will provide you with all the information you need, and our recommendations are based on what we know works and our experience with the business. However, you have complete control and final say on the budget, final designs and color-schemes, and all business-related decisions. You will not need to answer to franchise bosses or follow franchise policies.

Here is what you get when you choose Trampoline Park builder - XIYANGYANG to help you start a trampoline park:

1. Conceptual budgets that help your lender understand how start-up funds will be spent.
2. Blueprints, design renderings and specifications necessary for obtaining financing and permits
3.Estimated construction schedules (which can vary depending on availability of materials, timely payments, and other variable factors)
4. Complete manufacturing and installation of all trampoline park equipment.

5. Marketing strategy support, including suggestions for effective local marketing campaigns, coupons, social media, and print-based collateral.


STEP 4: Find the Optimal Trampoline Park Location


There are several things to consider when choosing the right location. You want your location to be easy for your potential customers to find, but the building also needs to meet your needs in terms of size, ceiling height, and price.


Sometimes it’s necessary to compromise. For instance, the ideal location, with road frontage and signage, in a high traffic area such as a strip mall, will cost you more per square foot than a location in a warehouse, industrial, or business park.

Warehouses often offer the best value and have the size and ceiling height required, but you will sacrifice a bit on accessibility. This is where your business plan comes in handy, because you will do a lot of this research up front to determine prime locations based on your market and make budget decisions. Keep in mind, the more you pay for rent, the less you have to spend on other necessary business costs, like utilities, salaries, capital investments, marketing, etc.

A reasonable cost per square foot is around. $2 – $4 / sq ft. for warehouse space a bit outside prime traffic patterns. If you choose a high-traffic, strip mall location, expect to pay quite a bit more. Certain markets may also be more expensive, due to the nature of commercial real estate in the area. Major metropolitan areas are typically more expensive than suburban or rural areas.

Look for a building that is at least 15,000 sq ft. You want to have ample space for the jumping and non-jumping areas. Depending on your budget, your trampoline park equipment may use up to 70% of your total floor space. You will also want to pay attention to ceiling height. In order to comply with safety standards, you should have at least 5.2m (17 ft) of ceiling clearance.


STEP 5: Down Payment


While preliminary consultations can begin prior to payment, Liben will be putting our team of experts to work designing and manufacturing your trampoline park equipment. There are many costs involved with this stage, including engineered drawings, customized plans and documents, etc. To cover these costs, you will need to make a 30% down payment, based on the quoted price of building your trampoline park business.

We accept payment methods like Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, and L/C.


STEP 6: Engineering Renderings


After we receives your down payment, we will use the latest technology to create high-quality engineering-stamped drawings that bring the initial concepts to life. This is a critical step to ensure that the manufacturing team has all the necessary details to create your trampoline park equipment to meeting design and safety specifications, including your chosen features and color scheme. This process may take 1 -2 weeks. You will have these drawings for installation after the trampoline park is delivered.


STEP 7: Manufacturing and Fabrication


In this phase we will manufacture the steel framing, jump surfaces, mats, and safety pads to meet design and color specifications.

Our manufacturing process meets or exceeds all precautionary safety recommendations and required standards. The safety of your customers is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure that all manufactured and fabricated equipment meet your needs for branded design, functionality and safety, as well as local regulations and insurance requirements.


STEP 8: Final payment


When production is complete, you are almost ready to open to the public! Before the equipment will be delivered, you will need to make the rest 70% payment. Once this payment is made, the trampoline park equipment will be shipped to your location.


STEP 9: Trampoline Park Installation


Once your equipment had been shipped to you, and you have accept the price of hiring our installation worker. They will arrive at the address and work quickly to assemble and install your trampoline park. Installation will meet all ASTM safety standards. The phases of construction include:

1. Framing assembly
2. Installation of custom mats and pads, springs, nets, and other accessories.
3. Building of all custom decking and non-jump surfaces.