Essentials for Children to Play the Trampoline

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Essentials for Children to Play the Trampoline

Children under the age of five must be supervised by a parent or guardian, otherwise playing in the trampoline area is prohibited;

  1. When children learn a trampoline, they will be nervous or afraid in the early stage. To guide exercise has its relaxed mentality into its recreational sports environment.

2. You can set a reference object for the child so that he can hit the target when he jumps. You can also place a net basket, throw a ball in, exercise hand-eye coordination and balance training.

3. Let the children jump freely on the trampoline. Professional training is provided by the instructor, and the trampoline jumps in the correct posture.

4. Two children can face to face and jump together hand in hand to train multi-party coordination skills. Children playing trampoline must pay attention to the center of gravity and the body to prevent injuries.

5. Children should not bend or recline while playing, because it is easy to cause damage to the thoracic spine and lumbar spine, and when playing, be sure to control the degree and avoid jumping for too long; if parents find the child ’s body If you feel unwell, stop the game immediately;

The parent or guardian can not leave the trampoline while the child is practicing the trampoline.

Safety is the first element of a trampoline park!!! Have safety and fun in Trampoline park.

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