Analyze the cost of establishing an indoor playground

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The cost of an indoor playground varies depending on factors such as location, size, level of activity, design complexity, theme, and transportation.
Indoor playground equipment has a wide range of prices and can be a large or themed indoor playground structure, depending on your available area and budget. The indoor playground is fixed to your existing floor and is easier to install.
The cost of indoor amusement park equipment should be determined according to the equipment items of your store.
 Generally speaking, the cost of amusement equipment averages around 200 to 2,000 square meters.
Regarding the cost of a children's indoor playground, the venue must first be determined. The manufacturer designs the playground in the room according to the size map of your site. Because the price of various equipment in the naughty castle is different, such as electric, manual, inflatable and other prices are different, less tens of thousands of dollars, less hundreds of thousands of dollars and so on.
Putting the device in another area, such as site rent and site renovation costs, of course, the most important thing is how much you invest to determine the size of the site area, whether the location and decoration of the site is simple or simple, can be adjusted. Use it to make the most of it. For multi-story indoor playgrounds, the cost can be as high as $220 per square meter. This is not an accurate budget and has a reference value for you.
In the floating range based on playability, you can expect to pay $700-$1200 for each child. For example, if you need an indoor playground that can hold up to 50 children at the same time, on a lower, cheaper end, it might cost between $35 and $40,000, and at the higher end, its Prices may range from $55 to $65,000.

The price of the indoor playground can vary depending on the size and equipment selection. A full range of adventures including slides, pipes and ramps will cost between $32,000 and $52,000. The installation of children's indoor playground equipment is relatively quick and easy.