Q.What will my trampoline park cost to fit out? Or what cost should be included in my budget?

A.The cost of trampoline park is based on the design, but we may offer an estimate for you. And you will then have additional costs for your ancillary areas (lockers, reception, café, toilets,birthday party area etc.), decoration such as wall art, marketing plan such advertising and any services you require (lighting, heating, air conditioning).

Q.Are there any age limits or restrictions for trampoline park?

A.Trampoline park is available and fun for all adults and children ages 5+. Kids under 12 years should bring a parent or guardian for safety purpose.

Q.Is there a weight limit to be on the trampoline mat?

A.The maximum bearing capacity for our trampoline mat is: static bearing, 600kg/sqm; dynamic bearing, 180kg/sqm

Q.What safety standard of your trampoline park ?

A.Our trampolin park are designed and manufactured to meet the guidelines of ASTM, and the materials used are certified.